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I am not sure if many of you who are viewing this blog have seen iCarly but the show is basically about three tweens who host their own web show where they include a variety of wacky activities. While doing their web show they like to incorporate a fake audience that the show itself produces, but sometimes the also bring in the real world audience. This gives an opportunity for viewers to send videos into the show and have them viewed on the show; that way it gives them a feeling of being connect with the stars if the show.

iCarly markets their show primarily towards the tweens & teens audience, this audience is actually very large and gets high ratings. At the age of being in between a teen and at the age of being a teen there are more opportunities for those alike to be avid watchers of television. At that age you are going to school, sometimes participating on your high school sports teams, then home to do homework also known as have homework out in front of you while you get distracted by television shows. The show also portrays somewhat of a fantasy life kids always dream of having where they are able to do whatever they want with little to no adult supervision.

iCarly has become a great way to advertise for nickelodeon and contributes to Viacom’s high stock. Merchandise that you see in locations such as Wal-Mart, Target, etc. are also sometimes advertised during the iCarly webisodes. since the merchandise has been made to be sold at an affordable price, it is easier for parents to give into their nagging children when they want a piece of iCarly to themselves. “The network embarked on a iCarly marketing push in 2009, debuting several iCarly themed items at 2009’s Toy Fair in New York City, including a toy replica of Sam’s Remote (used by Sam for sound effects during the iCarly webcast) and an iCarly microphone.”

As the shows rating went up more merchandise was sold and more creativity was added to the script. Seeing as how the show 24 was a hit series, iCarly writers wanted to dedicate an episode towards that and the iCarly episode ended up getting more viewers than the actual premiere of the new season of 24. “January 18 premiere of Nickelodeon’s iCarly: iSaved Your Life topped the ratings for all broadcast programming in its time slot, including the season premiere of the popular Fox action/drama 24, which came in second place by 5% with 11.4 million total viewers.” iCarly has become a phenomenon among the younger audience today and these companies are having a field day with marketing and advertising to them.

Video: Part of the iCarly: iSaved your Life episode

3 follow-up questions: Why is the tween/teen audience so large and exactly how large is it? The certain days and times iCarly is on, what are the reasons for the show to be at that day and time slot? How does this give marketers and advertisers an advantage?


                                                                                                       MONEY, MONEY, MONEY

iCarly is a huge revenue generator from silly bandz to articles of clothing; the iCarly brand is everywhere and has become known and ever so popular amongst the tween audience. “Nickelodeon is still the No. 1 cable kids network, as it has been for 12 consecutive years, attracting more than 2 million viewers a day during 2006.” It’s shows like iCarly that have contributed to the growing success of Nickelodeon.

ICarly, starring Drake & Josh's Miranda Cosgrove in a LonelyGirl-esque show that's part YouTube webcast/part tween sitcom, premieres in September.

From the last blog I wanted to answer the question of why Nickelodeon puts on certain shows, such as  iCarly, on certain days and time slots and I was able to find a quote to answer that question. “Since 1997, Nickelodeon has been the top-rated network in the Saturday-morning daypart for kids 2 to 11. In 2006 alone, the network averaged 4.5 million total viewers in the demo vs. the CW, the highest-rated broadcast network in the competing timeslot, with 1.6 million. As a result, more kids’ dollars have shifted to Nickelodeon during the crucial daypart, taking in $49.65 million from 5 a.m. to 11:59 a.m. in 2006, the most recent year for which figures are available.” Yes! it is all about the money, with higher ratings comes more money and that’s why these networks compete to be number 1 because the money is the motive.

The Web audience 

In 2007 more kids started going on the web to get their Nickelodeon fix where they would surf the media content and play the online games or watch clips of their favorite episodes depending on what the website was offering at the time! “Shows such as “iCarly” and “Avatar” each were conceived with online components and a unique set of success metrics. “It’s not just about page views or visitors. We also get our measurement from the message boards,” Ms. Kaufman said. ” As this quote states the website was not only up to promote Nickelodeon but it was also up to get the feedback from the viewers and find out the changes needed to be made or what the viewers liked so that the network could become more successful!

Nickelodeon would even do collaborations with other shows on the network to get viewers interest and attention to what else was on.

Nickelodeons relationship to Viacom is a very important one because the networks under Viacom essentially generate money for the media conglomerate. Viacom connects with it’s audience through these television networks and expects success and great feedback from viewers to enable that the success is consistent. “I view our business as being a brand entertainment business. We have released, over time, a series of Nickelodeon and MTV Films pictures, and it takes some time to get there. We have to have a competitive edge, much like Disney’s done, by branding our own movies.” -Philippe Dauman


                                                                                                               DEMOCRATIC VISION

The common good is one term I think the entertainment industries should be guided by. Most time it is about competition in these industries so I don’t think the fairness factor should really be played into the industry because competition is one of the ways these industries make their revenue. However these industries need to re-evaluate what they put out as entertainment because it’s affecting the youth of today and really changing the perspective people have on reality and fantasy. If the entertainment industries put out material that would help improve the nation on more of a positive note i.e. the commercials and ads the have for a healthyAmericait could really change the actions of some people today for the greater good.

These values could be implemented by television shows being more age appropriate and sending out better messages to their viewers and less sexual innuendoes. In this day and age we are not only told that sex sells but we see it daily in ad, commercials, and television shows; these industries also need to be less obsessed with selling their brand and more obsessed with actually selling the consumer a great product that will last.

If the entertainment industry was solely guided by democratic principles I feel like more of the people’s choices would be implemented into what is shown through these television screens and billboards seen daily. Instead of just the industries having a voice in what is shown we as people would have the bigger in what we want to see and what we don’t. The stories that should get told are stories of reality and real life issues that are going around the world not just the fantasy and glam that people want to live in or that 1% of the world is living in. We need to have a balance of what we view as entertainment and reality; so many people want to change the world or help the world and don’t know where to start because they don’t know what is actually going on. One way to change that is through the “boob tube” that consumes many of our daily lives, the television set.


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