Democratic Principles

There are several ethical and democratic principles/values that I think should guide the entertainment industries. I think choice should be a democratic value added to the entertainment industry. African-Americans should have choice of how they are represented and portrayed through the media. Voice is another democratic value that should guide this industry. If people disagree strongly about the images being displayed of them they should be able to voice their concerns and feelings about the issue. Change is another democratic principle that should guide this industry. If people do not like how they are being portrayed they should have the opportunity to change it especially if does not hurt anyone. They should also be provided the equal rights. They should have the right to suggest these changes in order to this negative stereotypes being displayed constantly on through this network.

I think the Black Entertainment Television (BET) network would look really different if it was solely guided by democratic principles. The network would have much more positive programming. Their would be programming that uplifted the African-American community and brought them together. Negative images of African-American Community would not be displayed on national television. This network would showcase the African-Americans in a much better light. It would be used to help break the stereotypes that already currently exist.

BET currently helps the continuation of perpetuating negative stereotypes of people of color. If the network was solely guided by democratic principles there would no longer be women dancing in these hip hop and rap videos wearing little to no clothes and gyrating. The music would no longer mainly consistent of men rapping about drugs, gangs and degrading women. Music can still be a dominated piece of this network but music would be used to showcase people of color in a positive way. It would showcase their many talents both through the arts but in other fields as well.

BET is really a network that guides how other races view the African-American community. So far the power of the network has only been used in negative ways by perpetuating negative stereotypes of African-Americans. If we used ethical and democratic principles to guide this industry we could then change the way people view the African-American community. These new principles would teach the audience that African Americans are more than what you see on television. It would really force the viewers see the African-American in a new light from what they were normally exposed to. If this industry was solely guided by democratic and ethical principles it would really change the way other people look at the black community as well as how the African-American community looks at each other. With these changes it would bring everyone together and help break the sterotypes that the entertainment industry keeps building up.

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